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Ticket issued to Hamman by Yorkville Police
IEPA Violation Notice Nov. 15, 2007
Judge Dismissed City Ticket KC Record Jan. 3, 2008
Yorkville Inspection Report Log Sept. 11, 2007
Kendall County Health Dept. Report Nov. 8, 2007
Hamman's IEPA Appeal Bill to date Feb. 20, 2008
Status of the Fox Moraine Appeal
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Inside Hamman Farm & Landfill Appeal
Thursday, 05/10/2012
To Submit a Complaint Against Hamman
If you notice foul odors, litter, man-made waste or excessive flies from the Hamman Farm Yard Waste Application business, please tell authorities as follows:
Name Title Phone email
Dee Weinert YV Bld & Zone 630-553-8545 Will log complaint for Zabel
Paul Zabel Yorkville Inspector 630-553-8549 pzabel@yorkville.il.u s
Gino Bruni IEPA 847-294-4061 Gino.Bruni@illinois. gov
Eric Campbell Kendall Health Dept. 630-553-8095 ecampbell@co.kendal l.il.us
Paul Purseglove IEPA 217-524-5597 Paul.Purseglove@illi nois.gov
Vanessa Cordonnier IL Attorney Gen.   vcordonnier@atg.stat e.il.us
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Insider Old News
KC Board wrote a check for almost $169 thousand dollars to landfill petitioner.
Here is the info. Any attempt to site a landfill was not to impact tax payers financially. The petitioner was to cover all costs, at least that was the promise. Board members John Purcell, Nancy Martin, Anne Vickery & Jessie Hafenrichter voted to site the landfill.
Even though the elections are over and Sheriff Randall retained his position, the charges of sexual harrassment, misuse of county issued credit cards and questionable handling of money are still at issue with the Department. This is the archive of the Sheriff's Department questionable activities as reported by Todd Milliron and unnamed concerned citizens.
Inside Sheriff's Department
Sheriff Randall claims to have an open, honest and transparent department. If you want to get information, the Sheriff says to come in and they will provide you with whatever is legally allowed. Below is a story in the Record Ledger-Sentinel accusing Todd Milliron of disrupting and costing the Sheriff's Department a large sum of money. The Insider calls this harassment and intimidation. An open policy should not include a press release dragging a tax paying citizen's name through the news for requesting information. If this is the Sheriff's way of handling an open and honest department, it begs the question, "How many citizens would be comfortable requesting information from this department?" Taking this further, "How many deputies would feel comfortable talking to Sheriff Randall?" If the Sheriff want to restore public trust in the department, he needs to stop talking and start demonstrating to the citizens of this county and deputies in his department, he can indeed have an open and honest department.
Ledger-Sentinel Story 11/25/10
Ken Toftoy & Jacquie Purcell
Hamman back in the news with major violations. Here are the stories.
Beacon Story of April 10th
Record Story of April 14th
This is the Actual Consent Order
The Second District Appellate Court upheld the Yorkville decision to deny siting the landfill.
Second District Appellate Court Decision
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