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Each of the buttons are three months of billing. These are the credit card statements of the KC Sheriff's department only. Sorry has month of Sept. missing. Today 8/4/10 added an audit and audit story done back at the beginning of 2008. Essentially, an audit was done that found the Sheriff's Dept. had questionable practices and the County Board has done nothing about it.
Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010: A Easi v. Tichava/Randall Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Deposition indicates Chief Deputy Tichava ordered Phil Smith to put a bar tab on the county credit card. The condensed deposition document has been edited to pull together the parts where Mr. Smith is questioned about the incident.  A Beacon News Story reports the new finding that Todd Milliron dug out of the court documents. The Ledger-Sentinel story gives additional background information. Right after the Audit referenced in section above, the Sheriff's office updated their Travel Expenses Policy. If you want to know the operating standards the Sheriff's office is suppose to adhere to, you can look at the Rules and Regulations.
Beacon Story
Condensed Deposition
Ledger-Sentinel Randall Story
Rules and Regulations
Sheriff Travel Expense Policy
This is a Hotel bill detail showing a four day stay for Sheriff Randall in New Orleans in February of 2010. One item is a movie rental for one movie at $13.99. Since the taxpayers bought this movie it would be nice to know what movie he rented and if it was worth 14 dollars?
Movie Rental
Proof two more Sexual Harassment Lawsuits pending against Sheriff's Dept.
This is a check written by the Sheriff's office made out to "Cash" for $60,000.00 Dollars. No one outside the Sheriff's office knows what account the money was put into or where it went.
Sheriff Check made out to Cash
Kendall County State's Attorney Eric Weis Asks Illinois Attorney General for Investigation on 10/05/10  at Todd Milliron's Request
Todd Milliron Presents Proof to Kendall County Board that Sheriff Credit Card is being Misused by Terry Tichava. Todd presents receipt showing Alcohol purchase. Here are the documents presented by Todd and the KC Record News article.
KC Record News Article
CC Reciept
Kendall County Board's John Purcell is finally pursuing the Sheriff's office for documentation of expenditures. The following is John's request for detailed receipts. Why it has taken years for this to happen is extremely frustrating.
Request for Detailed Sheriff Receipts
The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against the Kendall County Sheriff's Department second in command Chief Deputy Terry Tichava was settled this week. No one at the Sheriff's Dept. will be disciplined as a result of the settlement. This is a sad day for the people of Kendall County and a complete embarrassment and disgrace to the Sheriff's Dept..  What does this say to the people sitting in Kendall County Jail for their alleged wrong doings? Sheriff Richard Randall considers this case closed. It is nice to know he is up for re-election.  Here is a quote from Page 8 of the Opposition document, "Chief Tichava grabbed Plaintiff's crotch, buttocks and pinched her breast at the Dec. 2006 office holiday party." The following are the News stories and legal documents from the case:
Beacon Story 05/18/10
Record Story 05/20/10
Beacon Story 05/23/10
Case 08CV07024 Complaint
Case 08CV07024 Opposition
Case 08CV07024 Judgement
KCRecord Editorial 05/27/10 speaks to the heart of how many KC Women feel
Beacon Story 06/05/10
Chief Deputy Terry Tichava Stopped by Yorkville Police
This is a Police Car Camera video taken back on May 14, 2008 during a traffic stop of an unmarked Kendall County Sheriff's Car.
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