Former Speaker Hastert Still Reaching In Our Pockets
Marlin Hartman's Complete Presentation
Video of Feb 4 Kendall County Meeting
Kendall County Board Public Meeting Solid Waste Plan 5-Year Update Public Comments:
Results in heated meeting Thursday Feb. 4 when a handful of people are limited to 3 minutes each to give their comments. Here is the video.
Yorkville City Insider
Inside Old News
Inside Old News
Pablo Software Solutions
Copy of Health Dept Complaint Report
Beacon News Article
Hamman Farms New Violation 2010 for open burning. On March 31, 2010 Hamman Farms willfully burnt off a large section of farm acreage after being told back in July of 2009 not to do any open burning without proper authorization.
Yorkville Getting Tough on litter and trash on fields at Hammon Farms.
Here is the full report with multiple tickets
Beacon news article May 3rd
Hamman Yard Waste Business Information
Conditions Under Which It Is Permitted and Must Operate
Yorkville v. Hamman Farms 01/05/ 10   Map of Hamman Land Area 05/05/ 09
Yorkville Complaint 05/29/ 09   People V. Hamman 07/08/ 09
Kendall County Complaint 06/11/ 09   80 Ton/acre Protocols 04/10/ 08
Kendall County Complaint 06/29/ 09   People V. Hamman Decision 09/22/ 09
Jellystone Camp Complaint 07/22/ 09   Kendall County Complaint 11/01/ 09
Controlled Fire 07/21/ 09      
Adjudication Transcript 07/22/ 09      
John Purcell of Harmony Development Inc. which owes $58947.03 in delinquent taxes on 32 PIN parcels claims he does not own the land directly. John is currently chairman of the KC Board Finance Committee. The following documents show the properties and amounts due. In Illinois persons seeking public office must not owe any taxes in order to legally run for office. Mr. Purcell is running for KC Board District 1.
More info is here.
KC Board member Nancy Martin does not see any conflict of interest in voting to approve Phase 1 Improvements to the Hoover Facility which included $90,000.00 to Martin Plumbing & Heating Co.. Nancy Martin started Martin Plumbing with her husband in 1971. It is currently run by her son Tom Martin. Here is more information.